second-graders take in an environmental fair at five rivers

june 8, 2017

Students in grade 2 - taught by Peggy Gillen, Winnie Valachovic and Katie Dimichino - visited the Five Rivers complex in Delmar and got an environmental education thanks to the state Department of Environmental Conservation staff during an Environmental Fair.

 DEC staff presented a variety of hands-on educational programs specifically geared for grades 2-5 in a field-day format. Each class was scheduled to visit selected teaching stations, rotating from station to station in 30-minute increments.

Students checked out everything from animal pelts and skeletons to trees, frogs and snappers.

The teaching stations covered a variety of environmental issues: Forest Management, Radiation in Our Environment, Fish & Wildlife Management, Walk Through Time, Nature Walk, Spills Clean-Up, Minerals in Our Life, Watershed Management, Hudson River Ecology, Environmental Protection, Forest Fires, Reducing Pollution, Air Pollution, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Composting and Pesticides & Insects.

Below are a few pictures from the field trip.

Student photo   Student photo

Student photo   Student photo

 Student photo   Student photoStudent photo   Student photo




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