District At a Glance

A glimpse of the Scotia-Glenville Central School District: enrollment, academic, financial and graduation information


Elementary enrollment (grades K-5): 1,077

Middle School enrollment (grades 6-8): 617

Senior High enrollment (grades 9-12): 812

Total enrollment: 2,506 (as of 9/15)

The Scotia-Glenville Philosophy

Scotia-Glenville schools stress a solid, traditional education that emphasizes reading, writing and mathematics while nurturing creative thought, critical thinking and expression through art, music, technology, and physical education.

The district also offers excellent second language, business education, home economics, industrial arts, vocational and special education programs. Students are able to reach beyond the school walls through Distance Learning, just one example of Scotia-Glenville's commitment to technology.

Scotia-Glenville caters to students of all learning abilities. Strong programs are offered for the gifted and talented child as well as the academically-needy student.

The award-winning educational program is complemented by opportunities for Scotia-Glenville students to participate in a multitude of extracurricular and athletic activities.

Several Scotia-Glenville Schools have been commended for educational excellence:
     • Senior High (1986-1987)
     • Junior High School (1988-1989)
     • Sacandaga and Lincoln elementary schools (1985-1986) were named National Schools of Excellence.
     • The Junior High (now Middle School) was recognized as a National Drug Free School (1988-1989).
     • Sacandaga School was named a Blue Ribbon School in 1994 – one of only 120 schools to be recognized twice.

A history of the Scotia-Glenville Central School District

Financial Information

Here is the most recent information about the development of the budget.

2016-17 budget: $52,048,547

2015-16 tax rates:
     Scotia and Glenville: $21.66 per $1,000 assessed value
     Amsterdam: $207.85 per $1,000 assessed value
     Charlton: $28.58 per $1,000 assessed value

Average Scotia and Glenville home assessment: $160,000

Average 2015-16 school district tax bill in Scotia and Glenville: $3,465 (before STAR reductions)

Academic Information

Here are the the most recent standardized test scores achieved by Scotia-Glenville's elementary, middle school and high school students.

Graduation Information

Class of 2016

June 25, 2016

Making plans for a student's life after high school are among the most difficult decisions faced by the students and their families. Here is graduation information about the Class of 2016 and the students' post-graduation plans.

Diplomas presented to member of the Class of 2016: 169 students

There were also seven diplomas awarded to students who met their requirements after taking the August Regents exams but who were members of the Class of 2015. There was one honorary diploma for a foreign exchange student as well.


Local Diploma: 7 students

Regents Diploma: 72 students (meaning they passed one Regents exam in English, mathematics, science, global history, US history and a language other than English)

Advanced Regents Diploma: 43 students (meaning they passed the above exams as well as two additional exams in math and science)

Advanced Regents/Honors Diploma: 40 students (meaning they achieved an average score of 90 or higher on all required Regents exams, includes students who graduated with a mastery in science or math)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) designation: 7 students (meaning they successfully completed a CTE program at BOCES)


AP and UHS college credit
Hundreds of Scotia-Glenville students receive college credit in high school every year through the Advanced Placement (AP) and University in the High School (UHS) programs. Find out about those programs.


Class of 2016 post-graduation plans

Here are the post-graduate plans for the 169 members of the Class of 2016:

Adult services: 2 students

rmed services: 6 students

Employment: 15 students

Vocational training: 2 students

Other: 1 student

Unknown: 7 students

Post Secondary Education: 136 students


Class of 2016 college plans

136 of the 169 graduates planned to pursue further education beyond high school:

Four-year colleges: 88 (64.7% of the 136 students planning to attend college)

Two-year colleges: 48 (35.3% of the 136 students planning to attend college )

The vast majority – 82.3 percent (112 students) – planned to attend a college in New York.


These colleges accepted Scotia-Glenville students for the first time in 2016: Baker College of Flint (MI), Central Connecticut State University (CT), Colgate University, Craven Community College (NC), Full Sail University (FL)
Point Park University (PA), Seton Hall (NJ) and Virginia Wesleyan College (VA).


AP and UHS college credit
Hundreds of Scotia-Glenville students receive college credit in high school every year through the Advanced Placement (AP) and University in the High School (UHS) programs. Find out about those programs.


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